QUESTER will participate in an in-person exhibit at the Tokyo Game Show 2023 Indie Game Corner!

The hack-and-slash RPG "QUESTER" has been invited to join the "Selected Indie 80" exhibit at Tokyo Game Show 2023 and will be featured in-person at the Indie Game Corner.


QUESTER will be exhibited at Hall 10 "A48 : Thousand Games" in the Indie Game Corner (Selected Indie 80). Please stop by if you come to the venue.


◆Selected Indie 80 [RPG]


TGS 2023 Visitor Bonus!!

【Visitor Bonus】

You will receive a "QUESTER" postcard.

【Trial Play Bonus】

The "Concept Guidebook Ver. 1.5" (Japanese version) will be given as a trial play bonus for the exhibited game!


※This offer is available as supplies last.


Sale period: September 13 - 27 (Japan time)

Special interviews will be released.


Special interviews with Kazushi Hagiwara, Hironori Kato, and Toshimichi Kuwahara will be released to commemorate the Tokyo Game Show exhibition of the hack-and-slash RPG "QUESTER". 


The interview covers the worldbuilding and game design of "QUESTER," Kazushi Hagiwara's debut as a manga artist, the early gaming experiences of the main creators, and many other fun stories. Please go and check it out!

"QUESTER" Sequel Production Project

Crowdfunding challenge!

We are planning to produce a sequel to "QUESTER" with the goal of achieving a higher quality of gameplay.


As with the previous game, we will hold a closed beta test and listen to the feedback of those who empathize with our vision in order to proceed with development and game balance adjustments.


Please support us in this project that will determine the future of this game.


Producer Toshimichi Kuwahara

Note: The information above is for the Japanese version of the crowdfunding project. We plan to launch an English version of the project on Kickstarter in the near future. Thank you for your support.

Planning events with certified ambassadors!

On Business Day (September 21-22), our official ambassador, Vtuber Canon Chatate, will be supporting the online trial experience as a PR staff member.


Please come and ask her questions about "QUESTER", as she will be available to answer them in real time!


※Vtuber Canon Chatate communicates in English.


【Event hours】
 21st: 10am to 5pm


 22nd: 10am to 4pm

We are pleased to announce that we have recruited two support members to help us with our exhibit at Tokyo Game Show 2023!

◆September 21, 22, 24


Inori Aoba (Voice Actor/Radio Personality)


I am very honored to be able to help with this year's TGS2023 as I did last year. I am very excited about how the Game Show has evolved, I can't believe it's only been a year! I am also looking forward to the new projects! Let's have a lot of fun together at the QUESTER booth! We look forward to seeing you there!

◆September 23


Honami Iihara (Radio Personality)


I am very honored to be able to help out for the first time this year.

With the free distribution of the official anthology and the announcement of a new project, I am happy to share the charm of QUESTER with you! I look forward to seeing you at our booth. Please come and visit!

Release of home video game console port!

The home console version will be released by Kemco.

The home console version will be called "METRO QUESTER".


◆KEMCO TGS2023 website

Media Coverage

Producer Kuwahara will make a radio appearance!


"Shintaro Shimazu's Weekend Game CAMP".

interFM897 [ 89.7MHz TOKYO ].

September 16 (Sat) at 23:00 

September 23 (Sat) at 23:00

[Internet Radio]


"Game Storm" 

Kawasaki FM [ 79.1MHz KAWASAKI ] 

October 6 (Fri.) at 22:30

October 13 (Fri.) at 22:30

October 20 (Fri.) at 22:30

[Internet Radio]


※These broadcasts are in Japanese. Broadcast dates and times are also indicated in Japan time.

※This broadcast can be heard not only on the radio, but also online. However, it may not be available in some areas. Thank you for your understanding.

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