QUESTER : A story that explores the truth of the lost world.

QUESTER" is a dungeon exploration RPG specializing in hack-and-slash.

  • Decadent future worldview created by manga artist Kazushi Hagiwara
  • Deep game system designed by Hironori Kato
  • Excitement and surprise of the PC games of the 80's

Full of challenging elements! A variety of 24 characters (8 classes), a large number of armaments that can be modified, skills to enjoy combos, a creature library, "NEW GAME+" to enjoy playing around, and more,

Main Staff

Kazushi Hagiwara(Original concept and character design)

Representative works: "Bastard!! The Dark God of Destruction" etc.


Hironori Kato

Representative works: "DARK SOULS TRPG", "Monster Collection TCG", etc.


 Toshimichi Kuwahara(Production)

Representative Works: "Sky Galleon of the Azure", "Flyhight Cloudia", etc.

Game Store(for WINDOWS PC)

同人誌、同人ゲーム、同人ソフトのダウンロードショップ - DLsite



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We are planning to provide the following information:

  • Character and creature backgrounders
  • Lisa's Search Diary
  • Interviews with the creators (Kazushi Hagiwara, Hironori Kato, Toshimichi Kuwahara)
  • Design drafts
  • Latest development status

Please help us continue creating this unique indie game.

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